This is a guide to our services. You may have your own individual needs and pet care schedules can be tailored to your requirement.

We offer a free no obligation visit to your home to assess your needs and meet your pets.
Bookings for our services can be on a regular, occassional or one off basis.
If required, updates can be provided by text message for your piece of mind during care.
For holiday care we will not stop caring for your pet until we have confirmation from yourself that you have returned to resume care.
Dogs are always walked individually unless otherwise agreed or preferred.


Walking - Half hour or One Hour
Let out to garden
Fussing and playing


Cleaning litter trays
Play and affection


Cleaning hutches
Play and exercise
Well being checks

Small animal care

Guinea pigs
Gerbils, mice and rats
Birds & Fish

House Sitting

House sitting may be combined with the care of your pets or offered as a stand alone service.

Plants watered
Curtains drawn
Lights on/off
Mail collected
General security checks


I do offer boarding for dogs also, although places are limited as I only accept one dog at a time or two from the same family. This ensures a stress free environment for your dog as well as one to one attention throughout their stay. Rabbits and small pets, such as hamsters, rats etc. are also considered on a boarding basis.